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First firing of our new Anagama is finished




The first firing of our brand new anagama kiln is happily over. Firing took 3 days plus pre-heating evening. We had pieces from approx. 50 makers on board. Next firing will be in next spring when the weather gets warmer again.

A colleague and friend Teppo Honkala (see filmed the firing and made this fantastic short film. You can watch it below, make sure you have sound on.




Photo: Marjo Kilgast)

Would you like to create something big by doing something small?




Help us build an anagama kiln with all the possibilities it brings with it. This summer!


We want to offer a place that enables national and international professional collaboration and development. A whole process with materials, facilities and firings.


We want to strengthen the local cultural life and offer a place where people can meet.


In all this a woodfiring kiln will be essential. Anagama kiln gives exceptional aesthetical and educational opportunities, as well as communal firing experience.


One kind of dream is now very close to realise, but just yet we don't have all the finance needed for the whole project. You can help by buying our support products. Even the smallest amount gets us forward. In return  you will get a piece that is personal and quality work, with big addition of gratitude.

You can check the support products here.

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