Building an anagama -workshop III

Building an anagama -workshop III

70,00 €Hinta
Third week, 7 days.

Building an anagama kiln with kiln building master Andres Allik (EST). The kiln will be seven meters long and one and half meter high. After an anagama part there will be a small salt chamber and a secret chamber.

During the third week (25. - 31.7.) the arch and chimney are being built.

Participants can use the ceramic studio freely and make ceramic pieces, for example to the first anagama firing later in the autumn. Electric and raku kilns are also available.

We can offer overnight accomodation at Kuu for participants, in a shared room for four persons. Common bathroom and toilets are located just outside the room. All the participants have access to a spacious kitchen with all the equipment needed for cooking and dining. Workshop fee includes daily lunch for the participants. For the overnighters we also offer good big breakfasts.

NOTE! Warm spirited village festival Takinkääntöviikko will be held again on 24. - 31.7. in Mallusjoki. It will serve quality live music every evening in several genres. The venue is located less than one kilometer from Kuu.